Fighting For The America We Love

Blake McClellan is a proud Husband, Father, Christian, and Entrepreneur. Blake McClellan found his way to the great Peach State when he attended college at Georgia Southern University. 10 years later, Blake has started a family, a successful business, and now is running to serve State House 28. In order to fight for the America We Love, we need to preserve Forsyth & Hall County values.


McClellan Supports

  • Constitutional Carry
  • Parent's Rights
  • Safe & Secure Elections
  • The Constitution
  • Less Government


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Our Objectives


Election Protection

For a democracy to work, the election must be secure, We need to enforce the current election laws and stop ballot harvesting. To Ensure integrity, we need to encourage a full audit of our electoral systems.


Our founding fathers of this great republic fought to preserve the right to live free. The government's role is to protect those rights, not strip them away. We need to ensure Georgia always remains a FREE State.

Citizens Over Special Interest

For far too long, lobbyists and particular interests have influenced policy. We need representatives in the Capital focused on the greater good of their constituents. As your elected representative, I pledge to keep open communication with my constituents and let their voices be heard in Atlanta.